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Either Everything is a Miracle or Nothing.

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.The other is as though everything is a miracle.”–Albert Einstein


On this Spring Equinox, I’m here to remind you that you that you are the one writing the script. You are the one shaping your reality! ITS ALL YOU.

You may not get to decide what happens TO you — but you DO get to decide how you view it, and that choice literally changes how your reality expresses and unfolds.

At Mariposa Movement, we understand our evolution as the journey from caterpillar consciousness to butterfly blueprint.

Caterpillar consciousness is the world of "nothing is a miracle." It's the world of limit - the Newtonian paradigm of cause and effect - the 3D world bound by time, space and motion. Caterpillar consciousness is rooted in survival. It says: "I don't have time for miracles, I'm busy going through the motions, inching along endlessly from one leaf to another."

Our butterfly blueprint, on the other hand, is always there. Inside the caterpillar are the imaginal cells carrying the codes of what will become the butterfly. All it takes is a moment of activation and transformation. Our butterfly blueprint is the world of miracles - the 5D / Quantum paradigm. It says: "Anything is possible. I was once a lowly caterpillar, wondering where my next leaf would come from. Now, I'm flying around, powered by sunshine and flowers, light as a feather."

Between these two stages is the chrysalis phase - a time of total transformation, transmutation and profound metamorphosis. It's messy, gooey and requires total surrender to the unknown. In the chrysalis, the newly activated imaginal cells eat / fight the old caterpillar paradigm cells. The two paradigms can't coexist. One dissolves the other. In order to become the butterfly, the caterpillar must die and dissolve completely.

This is what is being asked of all of us in these times. To yield to our personal metamorphosis as part of the collective transformation, taking place at a more rapid rate than ever. To surrender to the chrysalis, dissolve the old and allow ourselves to become something new. To release caterpillar survival consciousness and fully embody the qualities of our butterfly blueprint: thriving, capable, lighthearted, pure wonder, sheer grace. To choose the path of "everything is a miracle," and create our world from there.

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