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for embodied feminine leaders of the New Earth

JUNE 2024 - JANUARY 2025
Zoom & Costa Rica

In this 8-month embodied leadership program, you will learn how to facilitate life-changing dance journeys that make the world a better place, while evolving into the next inspired version of yourself. 

So much more than a teacher training, Flight School is an initiation into a whole new spiritual operating system that will enrich & expand your life, both on and off the dance floor! 
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Join an empowering sisterhood while furthering your spiritual & professional growth. 

(and visit some of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica)


Karla Gutierrez, 2023 Graduate

“Flight School is a deep, life-changing holistic dance leadership program. It is much more than just dance - it is sisterhood, body connection, self-empowerment... you will learn a whole new operating system for life.”


Hi! I'm Aliza Rivka, founder of Mariposa Movement. I'm a Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist & Professional DJ Witch here to remind you just how magical, powerful & capable you are. 
I've served as a dance therapist, ritual guide, professional DJ & embodied leader for over 15 years, helping to guide thousands of people to liberation through movement. In 2018, I picked up & moved everything from the concrete jungle of NYC to the lush jungles of Costa Rica (because my body told me to). Learn more about my story and my credentials here
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Tropical Leaves


Some women join Flight School for the... 
  • Dance Therapy + Somatic Leadership Training: are you an embodiment queen? Ready to uplevel your skill set & bring dance medicine to your community & beyond? 

  • Personal Growth: Flight School is inherently a rite of passage; a strong & powerful ritual container to hold you through your personal, spiritual & professional transformation.


  • Community: When you join Flight School, you join a supportive sisterhood cheering you on as you dance your dreams into reality. When you graduate, you also have access to an alumni chat with opportunities for continued coaching with Aliza (monthly calls) & ongoing community support. 


  • Plant Medicine: After learning together for 8 months, experience plant medicine with your Flight School sisters in a safe, intimate container where we travel to the most beautiful & pristine Costa Rica mountain sanctuary. 


  • Costa Rica adventure: are you feeling strongly guided to visit this magical country? Costa Rica holds an important frequency on our planet right now & calls us here in divine timing. You’ll know if you’re feeling the call. 


  • YES to YOU: are you ready to strengthen your spiritual gifts in this world, follow your joy and deepen into your fullest, authentic expression?

The women who join Flight School say... 
"I'm so glad I took the leap!
I'm SO glad I trusted my intuition." 

Tropical Leaves


Flight School is an 8-month journey of rebirth and transformation with dance at the center.

We learn together virtually with two training retreats in Costa Rica! 

Plant medicine is a part of our training, as we usher in a collective shift in consciousness.

We can discuss this aspect of the training further on your interview call.


55 Live Group Sessions

2 Group Calls Weekly (90min)


Three 75min Mentorship Sessions with Aliza (1 per trimester)

75 minutes each


A strong & supportive sisterhood

Exclusive Flight School chat for resources, live coaching & connection



20 nights total in Costa Rica! 

July & December (details below)


1 Cacao Ceremony

1 Temazcal (Sweat Lodge)

1 Psilocybin Mini-Dose Journey

3 Plant Medicine Ceremonies (Grandmother)


Almost all reading materials are provided free via PDF.

Playlists & other learning resources included as well.

Scroll Down for All Dates & Details

Curriculum, Retreat Dates & More Words of Praise from Students


“Flight School is a deep, life-changing holistic dance leadership program. It is much more than just dance - it is sisterhood, body connection, self-empowerment... you will learn a whole new operating system for life.”
–Karla Gutierrez, 2023 Flight School Graduate


Deepen your understanding of the power of movement as a holistic, healing art

  • Learn from Aliza’s extensive background in clinical dance/movement therapy & additional movement modalities such as the 5Rhythms, Authentic Movement, Continuum & the Life/Art Process. 

  • Learn how to craft ceremonial playlists that consistently create effective embodied release.

  • Learn movement observation tools to support your growth as a facilitator + guide.

  • Practical Magic: all the behind the scenes wizardry that allows for powerful, transformative dance journeys (basic DJ skills, sound tech tips/tools, event planning, music organization & more)


Connect to your own body more deeply & learn how to guide others there.

  • Deepen your capacity to listen, feel and witness (learn to more steadily cultivate presence: the key to effective spaceholding).

  • Learn skills for embodied tracking: how to read your own body’s signals, how to read the energy of a room & respond accordingly.

  • Learn to transform dense or stuck emotions into fuel for creativity, expression & expanded vitality. 

  • Explore dance as a nervous system regulation tool.

  • Awaken your sensuality, connect to joy & nourish your inner goddess. 

  • Strengthen your intuition: learn to align with embodied truth to navigate life with more ease, on & off the dance floor.


Empower yourself with ancient, universal ritual tools 

  • Learn how to craft safe, strong & effective ritual containers from start to finish

  • Refine your energetic hygiene practices both on and off the dance floor

  • Call upon the ancestral support available to you & bring healing to your lineage

  • Deepen connection with the elements & the land on which you dance

  • Reclaim your capacity to call upon invisible support in any moment


Dance as a vehicle for expanding our consciousness. 

  • Experience dance as a form of energy work to raise the vibration wherever you are

  • Study the science + spirituality of altered states of consciousness

  • Cosmic updates & transmissions from Aliza & special guests

  • Deepen your connection to nature through work with sacred plant teachers (Cacao & Psilocybin at our Initiation/June retreat, Grandmother at our Graduation/December retreat)

  • Locate your personal spiritual journey within the context of a prophecied global awakening

  • Normalize energetic experiences, intuitive knowing & embodied mysticism (you are not alone!)


Clarify your unique vision, mission & message; begin to host & produce your own dance events

  • Dissolve limiting beliefs & begin to bravely share your voice, mission & message for the good of all

  • Learn new paradigm approaches to marketing & messaging

  • Learn from Aliza’s extensive experience producing dance/DJ events in a wide range of contexts 

  • Birth your dream dance events, soul brand & community with the support of Aliza & your Mariposa sisters!

Tropical Leaves


JUNE 4, 2024 - JANUARY 31, 2025
Virtual Learning with 2 Retreats in Costa Rica


Trimesters: Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Butterfly

Modules: Embody, Evolve, Empower, Enter the Chrysalis, Express, Envision, Expand

GROUP CALLS (2x Weekly)

Tuesdays @ 12pm Eastern (2 hours)

Fridays @ 12pm Eastern (1 hour)



July 1-8 @ Yacumama Ecovillage (Ojochal)



December 8-21 @ La Chispa del Corazon (Chirripo)


Three 1:1 Mentorship Sessions with Aliza (75 minutes)

1 per trimester (Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Butterfly)

The first step to enrolling in Flight School is an interview call.
During this call, you will have all of your questions answered. 
This is a 1:1 space for you to be held & nurtured as we explore your goals for this program.
Not ready to schedule yet? Send me an email at

More Praise


“I'm vibrating just thinking about it. It is so worth your while. It's so worth your energy. You will receive so much.”

Shiri Redensky, Flight School Graduate 2022

Founder of Wholehearted Therapies

Follow your intuition without a doubt. Plant your feet more firmly on the earth. Breathe deep & let the wisdom of your soul spiral through you. From caterpillar to chrysalis to spreading your wings, Flight School is here to help you soar!
The first step to enrolling in Flight School is an interview call.
During this call, you will have all of your questions answered. 
This is a 1:1 space for you to be held & nurtured as we explore your goals for this program.

Not ready to schedule yet? Send me an email at

"To anyone considering joining the movement, I would say the time is NOW Mariposa! This program is sooooo much more than dancing and it is impossible to simply put into words what it entails and gifts you. What I can say is that, under the guidance of Aliza, your life will transform to a more expansive state of being. She flies with you on a healing journey as your caterpillar self dissolves in the chrysalis and gives birth to the most radiant butterfly that is you, the true you."

Tanya Lucia, 2022 Flight School Graduate

Founder of Heart to Heart Therapies

Image by Michal Mrozek
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