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Mariposa Movement is here to pollinate awakening through dance
so that living in harmony with our bodies + with nature becomes the norm.

Our community dance events and trainings are one of a kind:
weaving 'new earth' energetics with the ancient art of ecstatic dance.

Everyone deserves to feel alive, inspired, expressed + safe in their bodies.

We support women to become leaders of their own lives & communities, creating a "butterfly effect" of embodied transformation, wellness + joy.



There is a map to metamorphosis. And it repeats throughout our lives.
Knowing this map helps us honor all the stages of our own transformation with grace. There is also strength in community as we navigate the awakening journey together. You are not alone!


Dance is a moving meditation practice. How we move on the dance floor informs how we move through life.  Dance shakes out the stress, clears the mind and strengthens us to meet life's challenges with ease and grace.


This is about so much more than dancing! Dance is just the vehicle. When we dance, we shift our consciousness. We remember that we are not our thoughts. We come home to the wisdom of the body.



Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish. Mariposa Movement is a natural outgrowth of my own healing journey. Out of the many deaths, rebirths & personal initiations that have led to this Mariposa moment. Out of years spent living in the Costa Rican jungle, expanding my consciousness, surrounded by actual butterflies and their constant reminders of the beauty and transformation possible in our lives. 

Mariposa Movement is a celebration of nature & the organic wisdom coursing through our veins.  In times where the speed of society and technology threatens the essence of what it is to be human, Mariposa Movement nourishes our most essential & natural ways of being, through dance.

Mariposa Movement exists to connect you to your intuition + power through dance. To remind you that you are here to thrive. This work is reclamation. It is revolution. It is bravery. And in these times, it is more important than ever! Join us. 

Image by Sumit Saharkar
Yesterday during my morning meditation I tuned into our Mariposa Movement class from Tuesday and I felt such joy spread throughout my body! It was so lovely. I can’t wait for the next class!


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