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Mariposa Movement is here to pollinate awakening through dance, so that living in harmony with nature, with our bodies & with each other becomes the norm. 
We provide high vibrational movement medicine to keep you plugged into the power that lives in your body & remind you on the daily who you truly are. 

Dance with us virtually online via weekly classes or the Mariposa Membership. Dance with us in person at a Mariposa Movement Retreat or at Casa Mariposa, a dance-centered wellness sanctuary in Uvita, Costa Rica! 



There is a map to metamorphosis. 
Knowing this map helps us honor all stages of transformation with grace. There is strength in community as we navigate the sometimes disorienting experiences of the awakening journey together. You are not alone!


We approach dance as a moving meditation practice. How we move on the dance floor informs how we move through life. Showing up to our dance practice regularly helps us show up as our best selves off the dance floor. When we move our physical bodies, our energy & emotions flow with greater clarity, ease & grace.


This is about so much more than dancing! Dance is just the vehicle through which we explore the evolution of our consciousness. Dance is an amazing tool to help us access more heart-centered states of being including joy, intuition & compassion. Dance plugs us into the "now" and into the wisdom of our bodies.



Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish. Mariposa Movement is a natural outgrowth of our founder Aliza Rivka's own healing journey. Out of years spent living in the Costa Rican jungle, soul searching & expanding consciousness, surrounded by actual butterflies and their constant reminders of the beauty and transformation possible in our lives. Mariposa Movement emerged out of many deaths, rebirths & personal initiations that have led to this offering. Learn more about Aliza's journey here.

Mariposa Movement is a celebration of nature & the organic wisdom coursing through our veins.  In times where the speed of society and technology threatens the essence of what it is to be human, Mariposa Movement nourishes our most essential & natural ways of being, reminding us who we truly are. 

This work is reclamation. It is revolution. It is bravery. It is needed. And in these times, it is more important than ever! Come dance with us!

Image by Sumit Saharkar
Yesterday during my morning meditation I tuned into our Mariposa Movement class from Tuesday and I felt such joy spread throughout my body! It was so lovely. I can’t wait for the next class!


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