About Mariposa Movement

Mariposa Movement is here to support your soul's expansion.

To usher each of us, individually & collectively, across the threshold: 

From the world of limit... into limitless possibility.
From the caterpillar consciousness... to butterfly brilliance.

Dance is our medium and method.

The way we anchor our light in and through the body.


Are you ready to spread your wings and fly?

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Mariposa Movement is

a community
of seekers dedicated to living from the heart
a practice
of fully inhabiting our bodies and elevating (celebrating) the physical world through dance
a commitment
to embodying our highest selves, again and again, to anchor more light, love and grace in a world that deeply needs it 

Our Story

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  • Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish. I believe that inside of each of us is a butterfly blueprint – a template of our highest self waiting to emerge. Out of limiting beliefs and outdated ideas of ourselves emerges our brightest and most expansive butterfly self. 

  • Mariposa Movement evolved out of my own journey of awakening. Out of the many deaths, rebirths and personal initiations that have led me to this moment. Out of years spent living in Costa Rica, deeply immersed in the wisdom of nature, surrounded by actual butterflies and their constant reminders of the beauty, awe and transformation possible in our lives. 

  • For me, dance has always been the quickest way to access my Butterfly Self. I’ve devoted my entire life to dance – to increasing joy, aliveness and connection through conscious movement practices. Every dance, whether in my own practice or leading a group, is a journey of transformation. We arrive as caterpillars and emerge as butterflies.

  • For me, the journey from caterpillar to butterfly was not always graceful. I created Mariposa Movement to help soften your landing – to help your journey be a little smoother than mine. 

  • This space is for anyone experiencing what I call “Symptoms of Awakening”. It might feel like your old life or self is dying. It might feel like you’ve had a taste of a whole new world of energy. It might feel like an intuitive nudge toward something greater. 

  • I often felt alone with these symptoms on my journey of awakening. I birthed Mariposa Movement to create community around this work, to help you feel less alone than I did, and to keep rising together in good company.  


  • I believe we are in the midst of a massive global awakening, and the coming years may ask us to evolve more rapidly than ever before. It is time to become our butterfly selves–not later, but now. Mariposa Movement is a place to discover and embody your highest self. To dance it into being. To transform alongside others on the path, and remember who and what you truly are: a destined butterfly, master of metamorphosis. 


  • I created Mariposa Movement to share this magic with you – to help you remember, through movement, that you, too, can transform. You too can embody the butterfly brilliance that is your birthright. 

Image by Yuval Levy

Yesterday during my morning meditation I tuned into our Mariposa Movement class from Tuesday and I felt such joy spread throughout my body! It was so lovely. I can’t wait for the next class!