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About Aliza Rivka


Aliza Rivka is a professional dance witch + DJ Priestess here to help you remember how fucking magical, powerful & capable you are.


Her uniquely heart-centered & earth-based approach to movement is an invitation home to full body reclamation + remembrance.


Because we need you: HERE. Fully. Alive & awake in your body. Feet on the earth, heart open, singing your soul's song. 

With nearly 2 decades as a dance/movement therapist, DJ, ritual curator & embodiment guide, Aliza has helped thousands of people access liberation through movement.

She is the visionary force behind Mariposa Movement - a movement modality & global community here to support our personal and collective awakening through dance. She is a sought after DJ for local events in Costa Rica and ecstatic dances globally, and her Flight School Dance Leadership Program continues to transform women’s lives.

Aliza is a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist with the American Dance Therapy Association, an ordained Kohenet Hebrew Priestess & a certified DJ Witch (graduate of Tasha Blank’s PhDJ program).  

Katie Edwards, UK, 2023 Flight School Graduate

Whenever I talk to people about what I'm doing, I always describe you as the real deal, Aliza. By that I mean you really embody everything you teach, and that shines through in the way you show up for every single session and every interaction we have. I feel completely seen and held when we share a space together (virtual or in real life) and that's a rare treat. I feel very blessed to be guided by you on this journey.
Aliza is pure magic. She shares herself and her journey so generously. Being in her presence inspires me to create a life so abundant that I'm bursting with love, because I want what she's having. Her deep, tender, fiery spirit is contagious and ignites everyone and everything around her.


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