About Aliza Rivka

Hi! I’m Aliza Rivka.


I'm a dance priestess and embodiment guide devoted to birthing a New Earth. I'm here to help you quantum leap into a new paradigm of aliveness, authenticity and abundance - and the only way to do that is in and through the body. 

It is my mission to teach dance as a path of awakening and ascension. I bridge worlds (and so do you): by grounding higher frequencies in the here and now while elevating this physical realm. I teach dance as a tool to remember and experience what our highest vibration feels like in the body with ease, fun, delight, depth and grace.

It is my honor to empower you to trust the sensations moving through your physical body as divine wisdom guiding us all toward a greater plan. 

Aliza Rivka’s leadership in ecstatic dance and movement lends a portal to another world. I NEVER thought I'd be able to let go enough to truly reap the benefits of the practice, but Aliza's high energy, warmth, love and joy melted all my barriers and had me dancing like a priestess in a very short order. I was not looking to find myself in ecstatic dance, but after surrendering to the practice and the flow of energy, the result was nothing short of transformational. All I can express is my endless gratitude. You really have to experience this practice for yourself!


My Story

I grew up in an NYC suburb in a secular Jewish family. I did all the things right: straight A student, Ivy League grad, professional dancer. On the surface everything was great. But by my 30s, that way of life - defined by cultural conditioning, people pleasing and perfectionism eventually caught up with me - and in 2018, I found myself depressed, depleted and dying inside. 


It was a total spiritual crisis - one that forced me to radically and quickly quantum leap. It became clear that it was time to leave New York, my home of 32 years. Something new was calling. A death / rebirth, caterpillar into chrysalis moment. Life was pushing me to the limit to remind me of my limitlessness.


In April 2018, I traded life in the concrete jungle (NYC) for the lush jungles of Costa Rica.  This choice - defined by moving deeper into my intuition and the wisdom of nature - allowed me to heal myself from an autoimmune condition and quantum leap into a new paradigm. The last 4 years have asked me to completely rebirth myself and in the process, to birth Mariposa Movement: School of Awakening through Dance.


For me, movement has always been the deepest medicine. My devotion to this work has led me to help thousands of people experience more joy, freedom, truth, connection and relief through dance. Throughout the last decade, I’ve hosted hundreds of magnetic, sold-out dance events and experiences (even during the pandemic)! Every single movement class or experience still brings me to total awe - to witness the before and after transformations of my clients. 

For those who are curious, my quantifiable credentials include: lived experience in quantum leaping; a lifetime of studying and teaching dance; a BA in Dance from Columbia University; a Master’s of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy; thousands of clinical dance therapy hours, both practice and supervision; thousands of hours of somatic practice and workshops in modalities including the 5Rhythms, Continuum, Authentic Movement & more; a 200-hr yoga teacher training plus over a decade of studying and teaching yoga; additional yoga certifications in Restorative Yoga, Advanced Anatomy and yoga for at-risk youth. In 2017, I was ordained as a Kohenet Hebrew Priestess, a feminine leadership path and program that deeply informs my work and how I hold all ritual space. At this point, I’ve DJ’ed thousands of ecstatic dance events, plus weddings, retreats and birthday parties. Currently, I'm enrolled in Powerhouse DJ School (PhDJ), training deeper as a shamanic DJ priestess to bring my dance spaceholding skills to the next level. Get ready! 

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Aliza is pure magic. She shares herself and her journey so generously. Being in her presence inspires me to create a life so abundant that I'm bursting with love, because I want what she's having. Her deep, tender, fiery spirit is contagious and ignites everyone and everything around her.


My Clients

My clients are courageous truth seekers bravely choosing a new paradigm. Intelligent, accomplished people well-versed in what's been the traditional paradigm - in caterpillar consciousness - now being called to something broader, something beyond the "known" and the "norm" - the butterfly blueprint


I help them remember. Who and what they truly are. Limitless.

My clients come to me when their intuitive gifts start awakening, when they begin to experience energy in new ways and know, consciously or not, that it's time to both expand these gifts and ground them in the body. Either entering the chrysalis or just beginning to emerge, my clients find me when they're ready to embody their butterfly blueprint of aliveness, authenticity and abundance. 

My clients are leaders - lovers of life who make the world a better place by choosing the heart path over the head path. The practice of dance medicine fuels our work - inspiring and energizing us to ripple out real change in both vibrational and practical ways.  


Aliza is such an incredible healer & such a source of inspiration! Each & every session I have with her continues to propel me further into my truth & the radiance of who I truly am. Working with her allows me to instantly access the clarity, ease, abundance & joy that has always been mine. With her dance & embodiment work she gently & powerfully guides you back from stagnation & frustration into your body, your light & your play as a source of constant service & pleasure. I leave our sessions feeling vibrant, connected & ready to playfully create all that I desire. Aliza walks her talk & her presence & love is such a gift to this world & those around her. Thank you Aliza - I cannot wait for another session together!