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At Mariposa Movement, we align with ALIVENESS, WELLNESS and the wild wisdom coursing through us. We unplug from a culture that benefits from numbing us out & dulling our senses. Instead, we welcome the full spectrum of emotions, choosing to feel it all as fuel for our metamorphosis. Being fully awake and alive in our bodies becomes a radical act of revolution. 



 Butterflies call us home to the present moment. They stop us in our tracks with awe and wonder. In a world of ever-increasing speed, busyness and noise, we dance to clear our minds and rest in the perfection of the here and now. At Mariposa Movement, we choose presence - we trust in the mystery, knowing that everything we need to know will arise at each moment of the dance. 


Nature knows - and we are not separate from this intelligence. Aligning with the wisdom of mother earth, our movement practice connects to our animal bodies, to the instinctual genius available in the present moment. At Mariposa Movement, we unplug from inorganic rhythms and welcome more organic ways of being.  We return to Nature as our greatest teacher - choosing an "ecosystem" approach over an "ego-system" way of being. 


Just like the butterfly, we carry the blueprint of expansion and transformation inside of us. We know in our hearts that there’s more than our cultural conditioning - more than our limited caterpillar consciousness / what we’ve been told or taught.  At Mariposa Movement, we align with the courage to leave the known world, to step into the unknown in order to become who and what we truly are. Expansion is our birthright and destiny, and every contraction is part of a greater evolution. 



We choose community over isolation. "We" over "me." These times are calling us all toward connection and interconnectivity. We know that the only way forward is together.  To protect against a predator, butterflies band together. This is where the term "social butterfly" comes from. At Mariposa Movement, we band together as social butterflies, knowing that the only thing to fear is fear itself - the only real threat is anything that pulls us away from the present moment. We look to nature for examples of harmony and oneness, anchoring a new humanity in the process. 


None of these ideas are new. The butterfly blueprint has always been here, inside of us, and in nature. We are simply remembering. Uncovering, reactivating, reclaiming ancient ways and templates. We live in a time where we get to come home to who and what we truly are, spread our wings and embody our highest selves now. We honor all of the wisdom traditions, plant medicines and indigenous technologies guiding us home to the same source.


Lighter, Brighter, Limitless, Capable, Pure Grace. 

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