Live from your Heart, Be in your Body

& Awaken your Highest Self through Dance

About Mariposa Movement

Mariposa Movement is here to support your soul's expansion.


To usher each of us, individually and collectively, across the threshold:

From the world of limit... into limitless possibility.

From the consciousness of the caterpillar... into the brilliance of the butterfly

Dance is our medium and method.

The way we anchor our highest vibration in and through the body.


Are you ready to spread your wings and fly?

You're here because...

  • A new life and way of being is calling you. The life that used to light you up feels like a suit you’ve outgrown. You're becoming a new being and finding the courage to rebirth yourself. 

  • You’ve had a mystical experience of energy or expansion (what I call Symptoms of Awakening!) and you’re seeking to connect with others who speak this language. 

  • You’re ready for more dance medicine and embodiment. You’ve had a powerful experience on a dance floor and you want more! Or you intuitively know there's something here for you. 

  • You're seeking spiritual community. Mariposa Movement is a global community of embodied truth seekers bravely choosing the heart path over the head path.   

Let me guide you.

Public Offerings


Private Offerings

When I think of ecstatic dance, I think of Aliza. Beyond her grace and flow, there is a precision — a deft discernment — where descriptions of her talents and facilitations belong in the same sentence as “master.” Much more than dance, her technique connects people with who it is they really are, and in that connection, Aliza creates a space where individual transformation can occur.


The Butterfly Blog

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."

Richard Bach

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