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NOVEMBER 18, 19, 20 via Zoom

Are you waking up to the world of energy?
Are you choosing to believe even more in your own magic?
To live nothing less than a soul-aligned life?

Now is the time, more than ever
to collectiv
ely anchor
the higher vibrations available to us.

Join Aliza Rivka
for a 3-day dance ritual
designed to do just this:
awaken your butterfly blueprint.


Butterfly Blueprint? What's that?!

Inside each of us is a template of our highest self.
Just as the instructions for the butterfly exist within the caterpillar as imaginal cells, our highest human potential lives within each one of us as a knowing, just waiting to be activated.  


Why Dance?!

Dance as a spiritual practice frees us from habitual patterns & lower self tendencies. Like a river breaking a dam — movement unlocks fresh streams of energy, opening new pathways for inspiration, aliveness & creativity to flow! 

Why Now?!

Dance strengthens our intuition:
the KEY to creating a soul-aligned life
& awakening your highest timeline.
We all need this, more than ever!



Who's ready?!


Aliza Rivka’s leadership in ecstatic dance and movement lends a portal to another world. I NEVER thought I'd be able to let go enough to truly reap the benefits of the practice, but Aliza's high energy, warmth, love and joy melted all my barriers and had me dancing like a priestess in a very short order. I was not looking to find myself in ecstatic dance, but after surrendering to the practice and the flow of energy, the result was nothing short of transformational. All I can express is my endless gratitude. You really have to experience this practice for yourself!



I feel that a whole new world was opened to me with the music and types of movement that Aliza taught. This was all new material as I continue on my own spiritual journey of awakening and slowing down. I do know that I felt more alive and in the present moment any time I danced or was in Aliza's presence. The world needs more of what Aliza is giving out. She has been a real gift to me in my own evolution of what it means to be a human living in a body.



3 days of Dance Magic via Zoom

Friday Nov 18 | 12-1:30pm Eastern 

Saturday Nov 19 | 4-5:30p Eastern

Sunday Nov 20 | 4-5:30p Eastern

 $333 | Earlybird $111 til Nov 7


Each session will include teachings from Aliza,

a dance journey/ritual & community connection.

Day 1: Caterpillar Consciousness

Intro Call & Opening Ceremony! Welcome yourself & others to this sacred circle. This session includes a Dance Journey & Visualization to get clear on the limiting beliefs / caterpillar conditioning holding you back from embodying your butterfly self.


Day 2: Enter the Chrysalis

In this session, we enter ritual space to release the old and open to the new. What patterns, habits & thoughts define your caterpillar conditioning? What version of you must die in order to birth the new you?  Together, we surrender even more deeply to the divine dance to receive the butterfly blueprint.


Day 3: Butterfly Blueprint

In this third session, fully activate & anchor your butterfly blueprint. Dance with your future self. See her. Feel her. Become her. She is not far. She is not later. She is now. She is here.


Aliza is pure magic. She shares herself and her journey so generously. Being in her presence inspires me to create a life so abundant that I'm bursting with love, because I want what she's having. Her deep, tender, fiery spirit is contagious and ignites everyone and everything around her.



When I think of ecstatic dance, I think of Aliza. Beyond her grace and flow, there is a precision — a deft discernment — where descriptions of her talents and facilitations belong in the same sentence as “master.” Much more than dance, her technique connects people with who it is they really are, and in that connection, Aliza creates a space where individual transformation can occur.


Image by Michal Mrozek
About aliza rivka

Aliza Rivka is the guide you meet when you’re ready to stop going through the motions and start living again. ​

After 32 years in New York City, Aliza left the concrete jungle for the jungles of Costa Rica because her body told her to. It took months of brutal body aches, depression & depletion for Aliza to finally look right into her body and ask: “What do you want?” ​

What arrived loud & clear was a flood of imagery: green jungle canopies, ocean warmth, sun on skin & lots of dance. Ingredients for health. An emerging recipe for a soul-based life.​

Within 2 months, Aliza was on the plane to Costa Rica (never before on her map) managing a dance retreat center near the beach. What’s unfolded since then has been nothing short of magic. Mission rebooted, autoimmune symptoms dissolved, Aliza now guides others in the art of quantum growth through dance. 

Aliza is a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, an ordained Kohenet Hebrew Priestess & a certified DJ Witch via PhDJ.  Her dance floors are literal jungle parties where nature gets down with us & a new earth births between beats. When Aliza’s on the decks, our bodies breathe better & sound systems pulse to the deeper prayer of Pachamama. 

Co-founder of Imiloa Institute’s Soul Sundays & Mama of Mariposa Movement – Aliza has devoted her entire life to dance. She currently leads dance community locally in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica & globally from her Zoom screen. Discover all ways to move, connect & learn with Aliza here!

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