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SUNDAYS JANUARY 14, 21, 28 @ 11am Eastern (90min)

Are you being called to dance more in your daily life?
To experience the profound benefits of dance as a spiritual practice?

Join movement maestra Aliza Rivka
for a 3-week guided dance series to discover
the power of movement to transform your life.


Only $88!


What We'll Do

As we enter 2024, we'll gather on Zoom together (for 90 minutes) 3 weeks in a row to experience the transformative magic of movement. We'll clarify our intentions for the year to come, and use the power of dance to amplify and embody these intentions. 

Each week, Aliza will introduce an embodied dance practice to awaken your connection to your intuition & the wisdom of your body. You'll learn tools to regulate your nervous system, transmute anxiety, lift your mood & feel better overall through movement.


 Between calls, we'll connect via an exclusive Movement Magic WhatsApp group to generate momentum & accountability. Aliza will also provide themes, practices, journal prompts & playlists to carry you through each week.

"Mariposa Movement is medicine. Aliza gently nudges me to get out of my head and follow the lead of my soul, my feet, my hips. I have harnessed energy, rest and wisdom while dancing in this community with Aliza (all in the basement of my suburban home). It leads me back home to my body and helps me to remember the magic and aliveness within me."

Danielle Colombo, Flight School Graduate, Detroit MI

What's Included

  • Three 90-minute Zoom calls guided by Aliza Rivka (Sundays @ 12pm Eastern)

  • Weekly themes, practices, journal prompts & playlists to carry you between sessions

  • An exclusive WhatsApp group for community connection & accountability

  • Access to a global dance community that feels like home

Only $88!

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