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a monthly movement membership

for women reclaiming their embodied power


Here in this realm... we practice self-trust
and honoring the wisdom of our bodies.
Here in this space... Dance is our vehicle for self-discovery.
Dance is how we remember & plug into the source of our power.

Are you ready to come home to all that you are
& move your body like she was made to? 

(how you are meant to be)
Image by Sean Sinclair

Our community is...

a movement membership

paid annually or monthly with regular opportunities to dance & learn with Aliza Rivka + a growing community of powerful women waking up.

a sovereign sisterhood

where magical movement mavens gather to remember how powerful, regal, worthy, capable, juicy, amazing & precious we are. 

a place of permission

where dance opens the door to our most sovereign, sensual, wild, free, authentic, empowered expression! Where you get to be all of you!

Aliza Rivka’s leadership in ecstatic dance and movement lends a portal to another world. I NEVER thought I'd be able to let go enough to truly reap the benefits of the practice, but Aliza's high energy, warmth, love and joy melted all my barriers and had me dancing like a priestess in a very short order. I was not looking to find myself in ecstatic dance, but after surrendering to the practice and the flow of energy, the result was nothing short of transformational. All I can express is my endless gratitude. You really have to experience this practice for yourself!

Laura Preskin, Scarsdale NY

Image by Sean Sinclair


  • A monthly Mariposa Movement theme & teaching 

  • A monthly love letter, video teaching, embodied practice to carry you through each month 

  • Live dance rituals on the New & Full Moon (days & times vary)

  • Weekly Tuesday classes live @ 12pm Eastern

  • A growing on demand video library of classes, guided dance journeys & meditations

  • Access to the exclusive Mariposa Membership community chat

  • All Mariposa Membership playlists from classes & rituals

  • Be the first to receive Aliza’s latest ecstatic dance DJ sets

  • First dibs & discounts on Mariposa Movement retreats & events!



  • Would you looooove to find some relief from your monkey mind while moving your body in new & nourishing ways?

  • Are you ready to strengthen your intuition while connecting with amazing women around the world?!?

  • Do you miss the sheer joy of dancing? That feeling of freedom & play you used to have as a little girl? 

  • Does dancing (in general, and maybe with others) feel edgy to you but like exactly the medicine & embodied practice you need right now?

  • Do you tend to shy away from your power and play it small?

  • Do you want to make more space in your life for pleasure & fun? 

  • Are you ready to let yourself finally shine & embody the Queen you know you're here to be?​

  • I see you babe. You are not alone! There's a community of Dance Queens waiting to welcome you home. it's better together. Join us! 

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."
Image by Sean Sinclair

What Dance Queens Say

Good morning Aliza! I just wanted to let you know that yesterday during my morning meditation I tuned into our class from Tuesday and I felt such joy spread throughout my body! It was so lovely. I can’t wait for the next class!

Sara Shirley


Choose the option below that best meets your current income needs & level.

Image by todd kent


$36 per month

($432 per year)

Image by Alice Alinari


$400 per year *$32 savings!

(comes to $33.33 monthly)

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